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Dearest UK Doctors,

I just wanted to say that we do understand.

The members of the general public do understand the sacrifices that you make for us.

Most of us don’t have to study as long as you’ve had to. Most of us don’t have to work the hours that you’ve had to. Most of us work during the day time + go home at night to be with our families. Most of us don’t have to deal with the emotional challenge of literally facing life + death on a daily basis.

You deserve to have shift lengths that don’t put you at risk driving home afterwards. We deserve for you to have shift lengths that don’t endanger us because you are too tired to practice.

You deserve to work in a safe environment where you feel valued + supported. We deserve to have medics who want to be there for us when we really need you.

You deserve to be working in a system which understands what you are going through + tries to make it easier, not harder. We all deserve a system in which well informed clinicians with good management skills are running our health care system, not people who have no idea what it means to come home after a 12 hour shift, exhausted but with only a matter of hours before it starts all over again.

You deserve to be noted as heroes for taking on a profession that is largely thankless, underpaid + highly stressful. We deserve heroes in our health care service – we need to know you’ll go the extra mile for us when we really need you to.

So we understand. We value you. Please do whatever you have to do to protect us by protecting yourself. Do what you need to to keep your passion for our welfare in place. We support you. Strike if you need to. Make all the noise you need to. We support you.


Your Patients




  • Write to your MP. It will take you 5 minutes. You can use this as your template below but tweak it a bit as they don’t allow you to use identical words:

Dear x,

I’m writing to you to advise you that I am concerned about patient safety in relation to the junior doctor contracts. I feel strongly that the government is putting us at risk by not safeguarding the hours that junior doctors work. I am concerned we are going to see a mass exodus of good doctors who refuse to work in a system that does not safeguard them and their patients. Please listen to them, they know what they are talking about. Please advise me what you intend to do about this to represent me as your constituent.

  • Don’t ignore this, darlings. Our lives are in their hands + their lives are in ours. If you want the best from the NHS, keep the best IN the NHS.



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